stablished in 1998, our goal has always been to provide quality food, great service, and reasonable price. Located at the border of Milpitas and San Jose, we are in the Northwood Plaza next to Target store.  We started out as a small family restaurant serving noodle soup. Never did we know that our business grew quickly. Since then our menu has grown with more dishes and drinks.  We have been recognized by Milpitas Post as the best restaurant of Milpitas since 2001. For people who work early or late, we open from 8 am to 4 am.  People come to Pho Mai 1 to eat out, chat with friends and family, or relax with drinks.  What make us unique is our menu includes Vietnamese and Filipino entrees, the best of both worlds. We prepare our soups and dishes using the finest ingredient and freshest produce. For veggie lover, we provide many vegetarian dishes as well. Our beverage and dessert selections are extensive which include our popular avocado drink. With over 170 entrees, one finds it hard to make a decision. When you’re hungry and it is late, Pho Mai 1 is your ultimate destination for all your dining needs.


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